Home Safety Checklist

Spring is here!

That means it is time to think about yard clean up and outdoor burning.

Keep these things in mind...

If you're planning on burning yard debris, it has to be 50 feet from a structure and you need to get a permit before lighting the fire. Permits are weather dependant so we can't give you one for more than a day or two and we can't give them out days in advance.

Portable camp fires and chimneas have become quite popular. These still need a permit and have to meet all the other State rules. They have to be 25 feet from buildings and need a permit.

WATCH OUT! If you are looking into buying a portable camp fire or "fire bowl," make sure it is under 24 inches in diameter. You can buy 30 and 36 inch fire bowls locally. However, under New Hampshire's rules, we can't give you a seasonal, category one permit for anything over 24 inches. That will greatly restict your use and enjoyment of the fire.


Please as you burn, either for clean up or recreation, keep safety in mind. Get a permit. Have a hose handy. And remember you can only burn brush and clean wood. Nothing painted, stained or pressure treated. You can't burn plywood, pressboard or piles of cardboard.



Spring is also the time to think about fireworks!

Lots of our Citizens like to shoot fireworks in their yard. Fireworks are dangerous. Follow the rules on the packaging and be mindful that things sometimes go wrong with them and
you can get hurt.


Don't be afraid to call if you have any questions.





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